Roaring Camp Railroads Press Photography

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Steam Train Depot —

Sonora Engine #7, a historic steam train in Roaring Camp Railroads' fleet, greets passengers about to ramble through rare old-growth redwood groves of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Roaring Camp Railroads


Steam Train Trestle —

Towering redwoods create a canopy over Roaring Camp Railroad's scenic ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains and frame its iconic train trestle that leads to the summit of Bear Mountain.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Roaring Camp Railroads


Beach Train —

From sky to sea: Roaring Camp Railroads' vintage diesel train pulls into the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk after a scenic ride along the San Lorenzo River through the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Roaring Camp Railroads


Steam Train Passengers —

All aboard for a family adventure with Roaring Camp Railroads — living history and a slice of iconic California landscape make for big fun for all generations.

Photo Credit: Chris Mark


Covered Bridge —

Bridge the generation gap: the covered bridge at the gateway to Roaring Camp Railroads gives a sense of arrival and brings passengers back in time to experience what 19th century life was like in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Photo Credit: Joop Reubens


Conductor —

Photo opps, not apps, make experiencing Roaring Camp Railroads magical for little ones, who get to meet their conductor and see living history throughout the re-created 1880s town that surrounds the station.

Photo Credit: Chris Mark


Old Time Photo Booth —

Families go back in time at Roaring Camp Railroads and can remember their adventure with an old-timey photo taken at the station. Other living history experiences like gold panning and seeing a blacksmith in action paint a picture of what life was like in the Santa Cruz Mountains during the 1880s.

Photo Credit: Joop Reubens


Welcome to 1880 —

Time travel is (almost) possible at Roaring Camp Railroads, where a re-created 1880s mill town takes passengers through experiences beyond a scenic train ride and opens the door to the area's storied past and important chapter in California history.

Photo Credit: Joop Reubens

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